Challenges facing teachers today

Recently I read an article about the challenges that teachers face with the advancement of new technologies, curriculum reforms and the ever-changing make-up of languages within a classroom.

(Read article here by Marquita Brown on

With each new technology incorporated in a classroom, a teacher not only has to learn the use and specifications, but also has to incorporate this product or service into their teaching style.

In addition, curriculum changes mean that teachers have to adapt to new styles and direction of teaching.

As I learn new technologies at my own job, I have a growing appreciation for what teachers do, every day, to educate our children.

The classroom audio Lightspeed provides, can be implemented into a classroom without a complicated learning curve. Educators face enough problems in the world today and it is such a gratifying feeling to know that in one way I am helping them to be successful.

What challenges do you face? Is there a tool that has helped you be successful?

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