February 27, 2018

By Shaun Fagan

When it comes to assessing a student’s growth and accomplishments in the classroom, standardized tests capture only part of the picture. There are a number of other approaches to assessment that also promote student development. One of the most effective is using video in the classroom to capture students’ interactions with teachers and their peers. Here are three ways that teachers can use video to both measure and encourage their students.


1) Using optimism to encourage: When sitting down for parent/teacher conferences, use video to illustrate how a student engages in class. For example, sometimes students who seem unmotivated may actually just be easily distracted. Focus on the accomplishments by first explaining how sometimes the student may seem disengaged in the video, but then showing how the time afterward was spent overcoming those learning obstacles by keeping the student busy and engaged.


2) Overcoming the fear of public speaking: Did you know that about 74% of people suffer from some form of glossophobia, otherwise known as fear of public speaking? Children are not exempt from this. Students can use microphones when reading out loud, during morning meetings, or even mini-presentations to help them practice their public speaking skills. When looking back, children can improve their presentation skills by evaluating how they did and finding areas for improvement when they do their next presentation. Using a microphone also allows students with quiet voices to amplify what they have to say while encouraging them to be a part of the conversation.


3) Documenting students’ progress: Just because it’s the beginning of a semester or a new year at school, that doesn’t mean every child is at the same learning level. When you ask questions about where each student is, you can begin to fine-tune their specific needs and goals. With video, you can record sessions at the beginning and end of the year to show where students started and how far they have come since day one.


Evaluating students’ growth in a way that takes into account their unique skills is an ongoing challenge. Video is a powerful tool that can show parents, administrators, teachers, and students themselves the real and exciting learning that is happening in classrooms every day.


Are you interested in more ways video can positively affect your school? Download this infographic to learn about 8 more video strategies. 

Download the Infographic Here!

Shaun Fagan

Shaun Fagan

Shaun Fagan's mission at Lightspeed is to continue to find new ways to create access to learning by studying the dynamics of the classroom. His goals include evolving our instructional audio systems to improve the learning environment for both students and teachers. Outside of the office, Shaun enjoys spending time with his family, running and training for marathons, and rooting for the Oregon State Beavers!

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