May 12, 2017

Jim Reynolds

10th grade English Teacher, Pittsfield High School (MA)


How My School Uses Redcat:

As a high school English teacher, my lessons frequently involve class discussions with most of the comments made by students. For example, I recently used the Redcat when discussing chapters in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. I asked my students questions, then I then passed around the microphone so everyone in the room was able to clearly hear their comments, answers, and responses.

While some students were first a bit intimidated or apprehensive and did not want to use the microphone, others liked the idea of being heard and the novelty of it. Once we got over the awkwardness of the microphone, my students and I saw the overall benefits of using a classroom audio system and have adapted to it so it is now second nature to them.


Why Redcat is the Perfect Fit:

I enjoy using my Redcat because I am able to hear my students more clearly and vice versa. With the audio system, I don’t have to repeat what a student has said for others to hear. It also helps to keep my hearing-impaired student more engaged with the class and helps students with quiet voices to be heard more clearly. 


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Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds

is a 10th Grade English Teacher at Pittsfield High School in Massachusetts

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