August 23, 2016

by Vicki Ogle

My husband and I like to travel as much as possible, and we have a significant road trip planned for this fall. We have spent many hours planning how we will handle food, driving, and coffee along the way. To help us prepare, we are using a few weekend getaways to ‘practice’ some of the strategies and tools we have in mind. Recently we spent a weekend in another town with our son and his family. We stayed in a motel and took note of which of our tools and strategies were working and which ones weren’t. I found that one of the biggest things for me to deal with was adjusting everyday tasks using travel gear. I just like to use my everyday things!

Teachers tell me they are experiencing the same thing; they like to use their favorite tools but with teaching methodologies changing, learning requirements increasing, and room configurations vastly different when they return from summer, they have to leave some favorite tools behind.  For example, teachers who have grown accustomed to using a classroom audio system to help amplify their voice throughout the day and want to take a class outside for hands-on instruction, or take their students to the Commons, often have to ‘pair down.' That is, they haven't been able to take their microphone with them.

It’s okay – take it with you

A couple of years ago our team developed our Redcat Access system to help more teachers by providing a flexible system that can be used in room configurations that have been challenging to amplify with infrared systems.  Also, with the addition of Flexcat small group speaker pods, teachers are now empowered to communicate with the dispersed small groups easily.

The most recent good news is Lightspeed’s Redcat Access now has an optional battery pack, so today’s teachers can have the flexibility to take the system outside their classroom!  They can conduct class where they feel it is best and can keep one of their favorite tools with them.

Also, the Redcat Access is being used for different types of activities outside the classroom:  small assemblies, PTO meetings, and lunchroom management.  The lightweight battery powered design is opening up many new ways to improve voice amplification in schools.

Traveling teacher and trainers solutions

Traveling teachers and trainers express how it gives them more confidence in their day ahead.  Being able to take their system from place to place without having to worry about the unknown is comforting.  No longer worrying about power issues, room size and conflicting technology platforms that arise when you have to work with unfamiliar equipment makes the battery operated Redcat Access an easy solution for them. They know how it works and what to expect! 

So unlike me with my travel gear ‘issues’, teachers and presenters will no longer have to adjust to ‘travel’ type systems, but can use their favorite tools for multiple locations with ease!


I thought you might also be interested in learning why Tampa Preparatory School included the Redcat Access into their technology packages.

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Vicki Ogle

Vicki Ogle

Vicki Ogle is the Product/Program Manager for Lightspeed Technologies, and has been with the company in various capacities for over 20 years. She is a true customers’ champion and loves being able to share her own stories and experiences with the educators and students she serves.

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