August 2, 2018

By David Solomon

The Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) in Houston, Texas is one of the most innovative districts in the nation. Following a bond package passed in 2014, CFISD will have Lightspeed systems in all 91 of their campuses by the end of 2018. The new technology has been a proven success for both teachers and students in an open classroom setting.

I recently traveled to Houston to see the benefits of Lightspeed systems in Cy-Fair classrooms for myself. These are the five biggest benefits users there have discovered. Teachers can now:


  1. Monitor group conversations without changing the group dynamic;


  1. Deliver direct instruction at the right time to each group through real-time insights they gain by quietly listening to group work;


  1. Encourage students and groups to share with the whole class through a pod that acts as a microphone;


  1. Effectively instruct the whole class through a low-volume, highly intelligible, wide dispersion speaker—ensuring that all students can hear every word, reducing redirection and off-task time; and


  1. Refer fewer students for behavioral issues.


David Solomon is President and CEO of Lightspeed, A Learning Company. 


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David Solomon

David Solomon

David’s been on the forefront of audio development for 12 years. His passion is uncovering the unspoken, often unrecognized challenges teachers and students struggle with daily and finding ways to apply audio technology to take down barriers to learning.

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