June 27, 2018

By David Solomon

For educators, being tech-savvy is essential. When incorporating new technology into a classroom, a teacher not only has to learn how to use the technology, but also how to incorporate it in their everyday lessons. Integrating technology into the classroom can be a real challenge for some.

Every educator should feel confident using the classroom tools they have in a way that works best for them. Here are three ways Lightspeed systems can have a powerful impact on any classroom.


  1. Saving time: Our mission is to ensure that technology works for everyone. Less time spent on troubleshooting means more time spent teaching students. Teachers shouldn’t have to waste a lot of time getting their audio and video systems ready for the classroom. With this easy step-by-step guide, it’ll only take about 3-5 minutes to get your system up and running. (If you’re still having trouble, check out these troubleshooting topics.)

  2. Creating equity: Lightspeed has a variety of audio systems to fit the unique needs of educators and schools across the nation. These tools help reach every student in the classroom, no matter where they are. Students and teachers can use audio systems to amplify their voice, which helps students be more attentive and better understand instructions. When a teacher’s voice is amplified 5-15 decibels above ambient noise, it can improve articulation and enhance speech intelligibility. Teachers using classroom audio also report that they have to repeat instructions less often and give fewer reminders.

  3. Empowering student voice: It’s important to teach students that their voice is meant to be heard. Public speaking can be a challenge for people of any age. To help students tackle this fear, make time for them to use the microphone to address the class on a variety of occasions, making it more familiar and easier to speak in front of a group.

The classroom audio systems provided by Lightspeed can be implemented without a complicated learning curve. Educators face enough problems in the world today, and our goal is to continue minimizing stress and supporting teachers by equipping them with the right tools to be successful. 

This post was inspired by “Challenges Facing Teachers Today,” which was one of our best performing blog posts of 2012.

David Solomon

David Solomon

David’s been on the forefront of audio development for 12 years. His passion is uncovering the unspoken, often unrecognized challenges teachers and students struggle with daily and finding ways to apply audio technology to take down barriers to learning.

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