June 13, 2017

by Scott Olsen

The first time I used my Redcat Presenter Kit was in dramatic circumstances. I was preparing to deliver a course on presentation skills for a corporate meeting, and I had 100 sales people flying in from all over the world. I had a two-hour session scheduled, but I got laryngitis the weekend before. I went to my doctor, who said he could give me something that might allow me to speak—but it had the risk of causing long-term damage.

I coached my associate to do the talking for the upcoming session, but I didn’t want to just roll over and accept that this was my only option. So, I called David Solomon at Lightspeed, and I whispered, “I need one of your Redcat systems for this emergency.”

I got the Redcat system the next day. When the time came for the big session, I got the system set up in a flash and I used it to introduce myself and my associate who was supposed to speak for me. During the introduction, I found that the system allowed me to speak at a low volume and still be heard—so I ended up presenting the whole two-hour session!

These days, I use the system every time I speak, whether I’m in a room of 200 people or a breakout room with a dozen people. I started using the Redcat because I had to. Now I use it to enhance the quality of the experience. Even in a small group, the fact that I can speak normally without having to raise my voice really improves the atmosphere in the room and engagement of the audience.

My kit includes a flat-panel Redcat Access speaker, a Flexmike, a Sharemike, a tripod bracket, and a soft travel case. I can get my laptop, iPad, and Redcat system all in one bag on my back. Bringing my own audio lets me avoid renting expensive and unreliable systems from hotels or other meeting venues, and the system is battery-operated, so I don’t have to worry about whether the space I’m speaking in has outlets.

I have to be prepared to present in whatever size or configuration of the room my client has available that day, and I rely on the Redcat system to make my voice heard over loud projectors, warehouse fans, or the everyday sounds of an office. It’s not just about volume, though. I have fallen in love with the clarity of the sound from the speaker.

I wear the wireless Flexmike every time I speak because it frees me to walk around the room and address individuals face-to-face. I use the Sharemike when I need to amplify sound from any of my devices on the fly: I hook up my iPad or MacBook to the Sharemike and it plays the sound through the Redcat speaker. I also hand around the Sharemike to encourage my session participants to make their voices heard, too.

The Redcat system saved my voice the first time I used it and continues to benefit my vocal health. Because I’m not straining my voice, I’m not tired after a presentation anymore and can approach each session knowing that I will be heard loud and clear.


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Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen is a corporate trainer and consultant. Since founding the Olsen Group in 1999, he has coached sales teams at a wide range of companies, from start-ups to tech giants like Apple and AT&T Wireless.

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