September 15, 2014

New videos make product registration faster

It’s been said that research shows people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. We took that advice to heart and, made registering our Access Technology products even easier for educators with a series of short videos. While we pre-register all complete systems before we ship them out, should you need to add or replace a component (like a microphone or pod), you’ll need to go through the quick registration process to get it working with your existing system. Now, with the convenient videos, you’ll be able to see, hear, and even replay our instructions for registering Lightspeed products first hand!

And yes, those are my hands holding and demonstrating the products in the videos. But no I have not been called by Hollywood to become the next great hand model for dish washing liquids on TV commercials. However, I hope that I do a good enough job of showing you every step of product registration that in a few minutes you’ll have all your Redcat Access systems, Flexcats, mics, remotes and Media Connector up and running, and engaging students!

Click-and-Play Support

Lightspeed TutorialsBy following the link below you’ll be able to simply click on a variety of videos and watch and re-watch them at your convenience.

The videos are right here on our website, in the support section, and also on our public YouTube channel: Lightspeedcat.

Here’s what you’ll find among the videos:

That’s it. Happy video-viewing and registering. Thanks for letting us be a small part of your life in engaging students!

Shaun Fagan

Shaun Fagan

Shaun Fagan's mission at Lightspeed is to continue to find new ways to create access to learning by studying the dynamics of the classroom. His goals include evolving our instructional audio systems to improve the learning environment for both students and teachers. Outside of the office, Shaun enjoys spending time with his family, running and training for marathons, and rooting for the Oregon State Beavers!

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